Feature Ring

with Noraa

Musik 2022/23

Feature Ring is an exciting first encounter. The artists:inside meet the day before the concert, research, jam and work out the repertoire: spontaneous, raw and willing to take risks!

Warm. Relaxed. Noraa. In soulful mid-tempo the interpersonal finds together and carries us away on R’n’B and Neo-Soul. Feelings in a soulful package. Fits, because nothing connects more than what sometimes just comes badly over the lips. That Noraa creates this bond was also recognized by Sting, who included her song “Little Something” on his album. The Ring Trio is also looking forward to the emotional punch of the singer, songwriter and DJ when music is redefined to the vibe of Noraa. “You got me hooked,” says her song “Stranger Danger” – and YES, we are too!