An accessible workshop series

2023/24 Workshop

The workshop series “farbLAB” is in cooperation with farbwerk e.V. an association for accessibility in art and culture. For many years, farbwerk has been creating inclusive meeting spaces and promoting artistic work processes and creations by artists with and without disabilities in Dresden. The association regards the unique creativity of people with disabilities as an artistic position to be taken seriously in the cultural sphere.

The workshops are led by inclusive teams from the fields of dance, theater and music. Artists, art educators and those interested in the arts who are curious about accessibility work are cordially invited to participate.

Under the direction of Jacqueline Hamann and Franziska Kusebauch, this workshop will provide insights into farbwerk’s dance and theater work. Together with a group of long-time farbwerk players, participants can explore artistic horizons together through movement, contact and creation.

After the workshop, there will be an opportunity to talk to us. If you are still craving more, you are welcome to watch a performance at the Festspielhaus that evening. For this we would ask you to order your own tickets for the respective performance. We have already reserved a contingent of tickets for you. With the keyword “farbLAB” you are guaranteed to receive a ticket from the visitor service by the day of the workshop. You can purchase these for €17 (full price) or €8 (reduced price).

Duration: ca. 3 h
Language: German

Register here!

* In order to ensure optimal conditions, please send us an email at workshop@hellerau.org if you have accessibility requirements.

**We will send a confirmation of registration for the workshop one week before the start of the event. So don’t worry if you don’t receive a confirmation straight away. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee participation if you register at short notice, but we would still be happy if you simply came along and give it a try.

Work direction: Jacqueline Hamann, Franziska Kusebauch
farbwerk-actors: Belma Bilir, Susanne Götze, David Köhler, Leo Kretschmer, Emily Stübing, Durim Veliu, Diana Weidelt, Conrad Wiemer