!!! Cancelled !!!

FACE NORD | Un loup pour l‘homme (FR)

Unfortunately, the event has to be cancelled for health reasons. Your tickets can be refunded at the place where you bought them. If you have any questions, please contact our visitor centre. ticket@hellerau.org
T +49 351 264 62 46


Nevertheless, we wish you a lot of fun with other program points of Watch Out and recommend our next festival Parkour, which shows renowned productions of the free scene Saxony.


Four acrobats put into play the sure strength and power of their living bodies. Their path is an obstacle course, made up of surprising and playful acrobatic games in which they constantly invent the rules. Walking, running, catching, grabbing, climbing, climbing further, always moving forward…
“Knowing you will lose does not prevent from struggling”, as these four acrobats tell us, obstinately obliging themselves to the feat and relishing each challenge, taking us together with their bodies to the limits of their physiological reality and at the edges of the laws of physics.
With a script written as rules of a game, FACE NORD is an attempt to revive in humankind the playful innocence of a child, hence the origins and essential values of our acrobatic quest.