EURYDIKE? ICH/SIE – I see . volume 1

HHelmut Oehring/Stefanie Wördemann/Torsten Ottersberg



With “EURYDIKE? ICH/SIE – I see . volume 1” begins the current instrumental vocal cycle of documentary poetic works by Helmut Oehring and his team with a focus on isolated female perspectives in male dramas: Courage to hope in catastrophic darkness, in unwanted misfortune, soul paralysis, cultural nudity. Dirt.

The deaf dancer Kassandra Wedel, the violinist Emily Yabe and the guitarist Mia Carla Oehring portray EURYDIKE? in snapshots of an audio-video installation with performance and dance, which in 2020/2021 will be continued in the audiovisual requiem EURYDIKE? ICH/SIE – I see . volume 2 – with soloists* of the ensembles El Perro Andaluz and others in collaboration with imprisoned artists* of the Dresden Correctional Institution.