Neue Horizonte: Eternity für alle!

andcompany&Co. feat. Arbeitertheater (DE)



“Comrades – let’s optimize it!” Computers should control production in real time. Nothing came of it. The market took over. Everyone only optimises himself. But information wants to be free. It blows up every system: first socialism, then capitalism. The GDR also had a Silicon Valley, in Schwedt, the “city of the future”. Fifty years ago the revolution broke out there – the WTR (scientific and technological revolution). Computers were networked together for the first time in an oil processing plant. And automation was tested. The piece “Horizons” about the “introduction of electronic data processing into human relations” (Heiner Müller) was written with the workers at the plant. Only the “networked individual” of the early 21st century knows what this means: the wall had to come down so that we could get Facebook. But the network has long been dreaming the wildest dreams of the old revolutionaries* of a new humanity that will live forever. Together with members of the former Workers’ Internal Theatre, andcompany&Co. have retreated into a cyber forest to rehearse for immortality:

“…I optimise you, you optimise me
And if it doesn’t work out we play theatre
And one plays the other and it works
And tomorrow, communism will break out…”

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