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Erbstücke installations and exhibition

Vernissage Fr 15.05. 19:00 Uhr


Chinese name
Xiao Ke x Zi Han (CN)

Is Chinese who has Chinese exhibition parents? Does the passport determine one’s affiliation or residence, or that framework of values, norms and traditions that is inscribed in both the native and the emigrant? Is “the Chinese” a political construction, is it real?
“Chiname” is a contemporary theater project launched by the Shanghai artist duo Xiao Ke x Zi Han in 2018 to explore personal and national identities. Against the backdrop of a globally emerging right-wing nationalism, they travel around the world for three years to collect interviews and conduct conversations. The question of a postulated, unambiguous “Chinese” identity may be transferred to other national identities, also and especially in the immigration country Germany.

West staircase

Material samples: Selected holdings of the Tanzarchiv Leipzig

As part of the festival and the workshop Dance in the GDR, there will also be a small exhibition with holdings from the Leipzig Dance Archive, curated by Tanzarchiv Leipzig e.V. This will highlight the subject of dance in the GDR in a variety of ways: Posters on socialist folk dance are on display, as well as photos and material on the development of ballet and dance theatre in East Germany.

Concept and realisation: Dr. Melanie Gruß, Prof. Dr. Pa- trick Primavesi, Ella Burkhard, Verena Sodhi, Martin Graf.

Corner Salon East

Animation Movie
Hahan (IN)

In 2019, the Indonesian artist Uji Handoko Eko Saputro, or Hahan for short, went to Dresden to research his fellow countryman, the prince and painter Raden Saleh. He lived in Dresden for several years in the 19th century and is today considered one of the most famous classical painters in Indonesia. Packed into this story are many questions: why is Raden Saleh still so unknown in Dresden today? How does the art market work, what makes an artist*? And how did a European-trained, strictly academic painting prince become the “father of Indonesia’s modern painting”? What does this tell us about the art conceptions in both countries and the postcolonial relations? In his video, Hahan once again reflects on these questions and processes them into an animated video in the visual language of modern, urban Indonesia: between Indo-Pop, graffiti and comic art.

Corner Salon West
Video installation

Paradyze Me
Margaret Kiss
& Leon Lechner (DE)

What actually is THE paradise? Pictures of palm trees and water before sunsets that spit out picture searches on Google? A travel agency? A mattress supplier? Or the Garden of Eden? “Paradyze Me” is a performative research format. With a glass of apple juice, “Snake’s Snackbar” tempts you to tell a story and invites you to linger. “Paradyze Me” is based on the audiovisual production of an archive of documented encounters and conversations with the visitors, an archive of paradises that makes the Fall of Man obsolete. Nobody has to leave. Everyone can stay.

Cultural Garden
Installation of the encounter of visitors

Uji Handoko Eko Saputro a.k.a Hahan (CN)
The Curious Deal

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