Double sense

Double Sense Orchtestra and Nemanja Radulovic

Eine Veranstaltung des MDR-Musiksommers

(c) Charlotte Abramow / DG

Together with the chamber orchestra Double Sens, violinist Nemanja Radulovic opens up Eastern European sound worlds and combines them with music by Vivaldi and Bach at the MDR Music Summer on August 9 at the Festspielhaus Hellerau.

The ambiguous playing, the view from at least two perspectives, the tightrope walk between two and more musical worlds – that is what Nemanja Radulovic loves and in his exciting projects he always savours. The name of his Double Sens Orchestra is a program in many respects: Not only do musicians from the Balkans and France come together in this extraordinary ensemble, who are united by their friendship in addition to their music. The musical approach has also always two things in mind – classical music and folklore. No wonder, then, that the musicians themselves confront Johann Sebastian Bach with Eastern Europe and test out how much untamed wildness the baroque composer can tolerate. From Vivaldi to Khachaturjan, their programme promises plenty of dance, temperament and passion!