DJ Pavel | Диджей Павел

K. Volkova/D. Volkostrelov/D. Korobkov/I. Nikolaev/M. Petrov/A. Platunov/D. Renansky/A.Starostina/teatr post

Germany premiere| disco-performance | Song lyrics in German for reading along

Performance Musik

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Pavel Pryazhko, Dmitry Volkostrelov and his teatr post, as well as Maxim Petrov, choreographer and resident artist of the Mariinsky Theatre, present a special performance disco. “DJ Pavel”, written in spring 2018, is a new formal surprise by Belarusian author Pavel Pryazhko. The show around the vinyl turntable resembles a reenactment of the Soviet pop scene of the 1980s and is congenially conceived. The show piece is based on eleven carefully selected popular songs – for example, you can follow the hits of Alla Pugachova or Valery Leontiev and revive the 1980s. Through their linkage in the DJ set, they form a complete narrative, which in turn is carried by a hidden, internal plot that is not (pronounced) by the authors and performers.  Viewers are allowed on the dance floor, can complete the piece with their own associations and thoughts, and at the same time the staged show makes clear the distance to the time. With the songs, the past 40 years of transformation have passed. Without any rough irony about the past and without disguising itself as a disco of the 80s, the show creates an atmosphere of love and joy, accompanied by great songs.

Pavel Pryazhko and the teatr post dedicate their new performance to Mikhail Ugarov, dramatist and co-director of teatr.doc, who died in 2018.

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