Dienstagssalon mit Max Rademann

und Power Plush

Foto: Daniel Franz

Emancipatory power meets emphatic plush – Four people in Chemnitz take the space they need to give us what we need.

Their mission: to turn love into music, because they love music and vomit out feelings so that we can feel what they have vomited out. Sounds disgusting, but it’s beautiful.

Power Plush – These are three front women, like the Powerpuffgirls with different characters: The punky one, the dreamy one and the one who is always the rock. Except that they are on the road on behalf of indie pop rock, or as they would call it, “power puff pop”, and are actively supported by drummer Nino.

Since Anja (bass), Maria (guitar) and Svenja (guitar) not only share the main vocals, but also each of them writes songs that are then finished together in the rehearsal room, the result is a diverse and individual sound with everything it takes and quite a lot of wonderful harmonies from polyphonic singing, constantly in the balancing act of hitting the sweet spot between strength and softness.”

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Tip. Power Plush concert at the Groove Station

Power Plush plays on Thursday, 18.11. at the Groove Station and additionally with talk at the Tuesday Salon on 30.11. at Max Rademann.