Dienstagssalon mit Max Rademann

Filmfest Spezial


Founded over 30 years ago, Filmfest Dresden (new date 08. – 13.09.2020) is today one of the most important festivals in Germany. In a special Tuesday salon in cooperation with the Filmfest, Max Rademann will devote himself to an often forgotten but decisive element of the art of film: film music. Guests are the musicians and (film) composers Franziska Henke and Frieder Zimmermann

Furthermore, the film “Ursonate” (premiere 2020) by and with Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Reto Bieri will be shown as a co-production with the Dresden Music Festival and the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.


A Dadaist sound poem film based on Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate (1923-32)

with nonsense pictures for 4 non-actors by Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Reto Bieri

Actors: Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Anne-Katrin Klein, Reto Bieri, Anthony Romaniouk

Camera: Bernie van Hecke

Sound: Steven Luyckfasseel