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15:00 - 19:00 Laboratory, free admission | 19:00 - 0:00 11/7 | network.festival.utopia.dgtl fmnsm deals with the emancipatory opportunities offered by art, technology and feminism.interdisciplinary.online.offline.alive since 2016

Catering is offered on the first floor.

Performance Musik

The laboratory #disconnect invites you to break the strict separation between show, conference and plenum. Under the slogan #disconnect, dgtl fmsnm explores the social and cultural conditions of radical digitalization – in performative and participative arrangements between music, performance, activism and science. The audience is invited to linger and experience the theme in different dimensions, states of aggregation, art forms and formats.

In three special artists’ residences, dgtl fmnsm experiments with the joyful yet critical capping of connections. The collective Omsk Social Club transforms the Nancy Spero Hall into an immersive surrounding-between telegram chat, augmented reality and reallife dis-connection. For the online show GLEAM, the “Dirty New Media Artist” shawne michelin holloway from Chicago has once again selected exciting performative works in 2019 that experiment with the medial boundaries of artistic debate. The US-American dancer and choreographer Tarren Johnson presents “The Settlers Lounge” with live music elements and performers inside in narratives and forms of the fictional in the multimedia scenery. The cultural mediator duo Soppa&Bleck offers workshops between online and offline on current digital feminist strategies for a time of maximum and global desire for #disconnect. The Berlin musician Lyra Pramuk comes to Dresden for the first time with her mixture of singing, spoken word, visuals and beats and wraps us in devotion to the circumstances. The entire program will be broadcast live and online in the social media, which should not prevent anyone from coming to HELLERAU and picking up their individual survival package for the gloomy times of the present. The collective laboratory’s approach #disconnect puts all hopes in the reapproach to a future that desperately needs to be transformed from DYSTOPIA to UTOPIA. If the future is feminist, queer, intersectional.

The Berlin musician Lyra Pramuk comes to Dresden for the first time with her mixture of vocals, spoken word, visuals and beats and wraps us in devotion to the circumstances. The entire program will be broadcast live and online in the social media, which should not prevent anyone from coming to HELLERAU and picking up their*individual survival package for the gloomy times of the present. The collective laboratory’s approach #disconnect puts all hopes in the reapproach to a future that desperately needs to be transformed from DYSTOPIA to UTOPIA. If the future is feminist, queer, intersectional.


After the endless closeness and almost inevitable intimacy with the digital media, the question of ‘What’s next? goose bumps. More and more people switch off their mobile phones and go offline. Which catastrophe will occur first leaves room for speculation. In the dark rooms of the queer Freaks & Sinners, the conspiratorial reading circles of the Future Feminists and the action groups of radical artists, cutting off the connection to the real world has long been both a survival mode and a pleasure mechanism. While internal migration is much closer, dgtl fmnsm opens up to the outside world and pursues a radically collective approach. For one evening, dgtl fmsnm speculates on the conditions of radical digitalization through performative and participative arrangements between online shows, live music, performance art and activism.


Saturday, 23.11.2019

15:00 Uhr WHAT WE CAN DO ONLINE digital feminist strategies | Workshop soppa&bleck

17:30 Uhr Roadmap Feminist Internet Policy | Lecture by Francesca Schmidt (Gunda-Werner-Institut) 

18:00 Uhr Live Tutorial: Unfit MakeUp | Toni Mosebach

18.00 Uhr Panasiagirl feat Omsk Social Club | Soundpiece

18:30 Uhr Functional limbo | Artist Talk with Omsk Social Club hosted by Nada Schroer

19:00 Uhr SCENE/✔SEEN Live-Online-Show by Shawné Michaelian Holloway with Samuel H. Goldstein, Nicole Killian, Jessie Darnell t.me/dgtlfmnsm1

20:00 Uhr Jan Vorisek feat. Omsk Social Club “Becoming X” I | Soundpiece

20:15 Uhr Tarren Johnson: The Settlers Lounge Performance/Installation 

21:00 Uhr Happy New Tears feat Omsk Social Club I Soundpiece

21.30 Uhr LateNightTalk #disconnect | Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr: Making Trans*lucent: En/Countering Categorization

22.00 Uhr Lyra Pramuk | Live

Sunday, 24.11.2019

13:30 – 17:00 Uhr  Community +1 – Um Anmeldung per Doodle wird gebeten

Resident artists

Omsk Social Club
Omsk Social Club forks traditional methods of Live Action Role Play (Larp) and Real Game Play (rgp) to induce states that could potentially be a fiction or a yet, unlived reality. Omsk works closely with networks of players, everything is unique and unrehearsed. The game designs and installations they create examine virtual egos, popular experiences and political phenomena. Allowing the works to become a dematerialized hybrid of modern-day culture alongside the participant’s unique personal experiences. In the past Omsk Social Club’s RGP’s that have introduced landscapes and topics such as rave culture, survivalism, catfishing, desire& sacrifice, positive trolling, algorithmic strategies and decentralized cryptocurrency. 

They have exhibited across Europe in various institutions, galleries and off sites such as Martin Gropius Bau, House of Electronic Kunst Basel, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zürich, HKW, Berlin, CCCB, Barcelona and Onasis Foundation, Athens. They were recently awarded The New Networked Normal Project Grant in 2018 with !Medien Gruppe Bitniks for their Cryptorave series and were included in The Anti Athens Biennale (2018), Transmediale Festival (2019), Impakt Festival (2018) and The Influencers(2018).

Trancing Wake / Interaktive Installation
The idea of disconnecting into a between state became the impetus for the immersive installation “Trancing Wake” by Omsk Social Club for this year’s digital feminism. Looking at the behavioural states users take on under technology that often allow themselves to leave their physical bodies for the screen. In these moments the wet-ware heats up, a term used in Buddhism indicating the brain as does the hardware of the computer but the body stays still, cold, stiff, in a trance. We often drop into technology in a meditative state, like a psychonaut developing subtle models of ourselves for better or worse these sense of selves are only localised in our minds a type of spiritual vandalism on the body in order to reach the next level of the technological soul. “Trancing Wake” encapsulates this inbetween state, the moment of not quite leaving the body nor the screen, it mimics a dreamlike landscape that the user can morph to its own technological and physical needs.

Tarren Johnson
Tarren Johnson is a choreographer and artist from Southern California. She works with performance, video, sculpture and writing. She began dancing and choreographing as a child and continued her work while studying at California Institute of the Arts. She is based in Berlin.

Her recent work includes Dripfeed.tv (Published at Dripfeed.tv, 2018) in collaboration with Joel Cocks and is concerned with the evolution of media consumption and its influence on personal and collective histories.The first episode, Mystery Drink Challenge documents the rehearsal process of a musical performance that takes place in a storefront in Berlin. The making-of format is from the point of view of the artists as they direct the various cast members in preparation for the final shows. The narrati​ve approaches the aesthetics of the amateur saturated landscape of user generated content with an awareness of the antiquated media the story unfolds on. Dripfeed.tv Episode 2: The Screen Test was presented by the Performance Agency as apart of the public Program: The Clockwork at ​Paris Internationale​.

Her current performance series The Settlers Lounge ponders history as a malleable material, where collective recollections of the past are invented for the present. Several performances throughout the piece rest between intentions, making a place for performance that lives without the tethering to a particular media but rather in a state of ultimate surveillance.

During her residency at Hellerau European Centre of the Arts Tarren invites Joel Cocks (Artist) Forrest Moody (Composer, Pianist) to continue with the development of the installation and musical composition of The Settlers Lounge.

The Settlers Lounge premiered at The Performance Agency’s Office, a storefront in Berlin The second iteration, The Gruner Saloon, Volksbühne Berlin / The third iteration, dgtl fmnsm Lab, Festspielhaus Hellerau / Upcoming, Les Urbaines, Switzerland

The Settlers Lounge / Performance
The Settlers Lounge, where you can hear yourself on the radio, and see  yourself on television. The Settlers Lounge displays a mutating history of a fictional settlement.

Written & Directed by Tarren Johnson | Installation in collaboration with Joel Cocks | Musical Composition in collaboration with Forrest Moody | Music Performed by: Forrest Moody | Performed by: Andrew Clarke, Shade Théret, Oscar Bannon, Tarren Johnson

WARNING: Strobe Lights 

Josefine Soppa and Laura Bleck realise multi-stage digital communication projects with various actors and institutions. They work on ways of mediating art and discourses from a power-critical perspective and as an experience of the digital.

Soppa&Bleck work and research on their method of digital art mediation. For the LAB they conceive a supporting programme of workshops, which is carried out online. The workshops connect participating artists, audience and network and take place via social media and messengern: Skillsharings about skype, group discussions about telegram chats, common strolls through google maps and the archives of our forever stored websites. disconnect mediation not only conveys artistic approaches or discursive backgrounds of dgtl fmnsm, but makes the state of the virtual encounter itself experienceable.

Alla Popp
Alla Popp is a digital media and performance artist. Born in Russia, she studied Digital Media and Performance at the University of Art and Design Offenbach, Athens School of Fine Arts and Tongji University Shanghai. Her work is mainly focused on the emancipatory potentials of digital technology for the future of humanity at large. She is interested in promoting an awareness about its conscious utilisation and probable consequences of the contrary. In her music and performance project BBB_,  together with Alexander Sahm, through experimental electronic music, spoken word and immersive setups, they seek ambivalent situations taking place at the interface of the human and the inhuman existence and speculate on various states of mind, relationships and self-perception, altered by socially and emotionally intelligent digital technologies.

The Living 2119 / AR Installation by Alla Popp in collaboration with OMSK Social Club
Recreating worlds, Intangible turns possible.
Light and memories take on a solid shape.

Translatable scenic spot – World view changes per drag and drop.

One gives the Living simple structure and facile rules. Starting from scratch, Escaping in paradox and complexity  grown of created tools.

Back from the Zero point, Back, beyond the infinity loop –  Now every new universe  Starts with a plane and a basic cube. 

Lyra Pramuk
American singer, composer-producer, and performer, Lyra Pramuk’s work is far-arcing by necessity, accomplishing a remarkably broad practice with a brevity of movement.

Pramuk’s starting point is listening, an empathic response to the contemporary cultural landscape. This likewise tethers her between various projects and forms. Citing musical collaborators such as Holly Herndon and Colin Self, collaborations with the visual artist Donna Huanca, and an ongoing international performance schedule, there are a variety of creative nodes that come to feed back into Pramuk’s practice. These experiences are directly transposed into possibilities for the voice, affording a vocal space that is one of texture as much as lingual clarity. The impulse for adaptation embedded in Pramuk’s body of work is revealed here, too, lending some perspective to the movement between club spaces and concert halls, channeling sensuous, personal experience into critical ideas for community.

Nada Schroer
Nada Schroer studied Cultural Studies, Political Science and Hispanic Studies in Leipzig as well as Staging the Arts with a Focus on Visual Arts in Hildesheim. At Kunstverein Hildesheim and Kunstverein Braunschweig she was involved as curatorial assistant and co-curator in the organization and conception of solo and group exhibitions (among others Liebe Deine Maschine, 2015; final goods, 2016; Process, Performance, Presence, 2016; Promises of Monsters, 2017). She is co-founder of KUNSTRAUM 53 in Hildesheim, where she initiated the series Curator’s Kitchen and worked as an art mediator at the Sprengel Museum (Hanover) and the House of World Cultures (Berlin). Most recently, she took part in the program Kulturen des Kuratorischen at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, where she implemented various projects (including Vom Zeigen und Schauen, Grassimuseum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig, 2017).


LIVE ONLINE presents GLEAM its 4th programme, SCENE/✔SEEN? in collaboration with STRAPP, a design collaborative lead by SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY that reimagines sex toys for a queerer future.

Through a series of commissioned performances we invite a group of international artists to lead a small rendezvous in the Telegram App messaging channel SCENE/✔SEEN? held at the url t.me/dgtlfmnsm1  From their own moments, in their own locations, they message with us amidst the immediacy of text, the ghosts of videos, and impressions of photos from the past. This hour invites us to convene quietly together to listen to the voices and stories of folks meditating on what it means to feel seen or “scene,” to feel understood by others, to have their sent messages “seen” (read: received,) to be “read,” to feel connected to those who are like us, or to not.

Anyone in the world is invited to join in the conversation, make sure you’re registered with username on the Telegram app! Then, go to the url t.me/dgtlfmnsm1 to join the channel. Those of you not on Telegram : see if you can find a friend or stranger who is. Ask to share headphones, ask to sit close, ask to watch together.

The uninterrupted content broadcast connects us all to the world wide web and the emotions that get caught there in its constantly flowing stream of data. SCENE/✔SEEN? is at once an archive, a film, a play, a movie, a chat room. GLEAM, as it has every year, will continue to interrogate the following : how do we connect with others who are far away? How do we feel their presence and intention through a space that always already distorts the transmission? Does a notification alert evoke yearning? What about warmth?


Samuel H Goldstein (1992, USA) is a multimedia artist and art facilitator working in Chicago, IL. Known for creating the datamoshing application GoldMosh, co-founding the TCC Chicago art space, and playing drums in the band Izzy True.

Nicole Killian’s work uses graphic design, publishing, video, objects and installation to investigate how the structures of the internet, mobile messaging, and shared online platforms affect contemporary interaction and shape cultural identity from a queer perspective. They are interested in the repetition, looping, and dissemination of content. They think about catnip and bird toys, scratching and the depths (or voids) of the desktop folder. Nicole is currently the co-director of the Design, Visual Communications MFA and Assistant Professor in the Department of Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University and recently served as guest editor for the Walker Art Center’s Soundboard and organized How Will We Queer Design Education without Compromise?

Jessie Darnell is a 2D and 3D video/media/collage artist currently residing in Berlin, Germany. She has a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work explores themes of sexual submission, power dynamics, self-destruction, and performative roles for a camera.

Georges Jacotey (b. 1987) is a greek artist who works with performance and digital media. They are currently invested in issues of queer representation and resistance, the divide between cultural hegemonies and subcultures, western history and privilege, and the headache of keeping up under constant crisis. Their work has been recently shown at 3hd Festival (Berlin), Manifesta 11 (Zürich), Interrupted =” Cyfem and Queer (Berlin), Scottish Queer International Film Festival (Glasgow) and dgtl-fmnsm Festival (Hellerau-Dresden), among other places.

X’ene Sky is a pianist/singer/writer/little slave girl making art about her various lovers and loving. Based in Houston/Los Angeles.