Opening – Other Worlds

The Saconz & "The Techno Viking" | AV dance performance by Yamile Navarro, Jule Oeft, Maltin Worf and Matthias Härtig | AV concert by Robert Lippok (sound) & Lucas Gutierrez (visuals)

Musik Tanz Performance

Organizing the opening again in a place that lies beyond the obligatory places for club culture makes the festival theme “Other Worlds” obvious. But the other world at the opening is not only spatial; it will also be reflected in the programme. At the opening, it is not only a matter of breaking with the ritualized process and making visible the network of all those who contribute to the festival, which has usually remained virtual for years. In addition, DAVE sees the opening as a showcase of audiovisual art, which is not limited to the combination of visuals and sound alone, but also includes performative art forms such as dance and theatre.

The festival starts with a crisp re-enactment of the legendary video “Techno Viking” by the break-dance crew The Saxonz, culminating in an AV dance performance by dancers of LINE08, Maltin Worf (sound) and Matthias Härtig (visuals), and concluding with the premiere: Together with visual artist Lucas Gutierrez, Robert Lippok, also known as a member of To Rococo Rot and Ornament & Verbrechen, presents for the first time the AV concert for his latest album “Applied Autonomy” (Raster).