Compost Composing

KOMA&Ko/Magdalena Weniger

Come Together Installation 2022/23

The artist group KOMA&Ko invites you to an underground installation between projection and object. Compost becomes a compositional principle. The group submits to cycles and cycles of all being and celebrates them with text, dance and song. A personal and collective confrontation of five performers with growth and finiteness, states of exhaustion and processes of regeneration, closeness to nature and alienation. 

German/English, Duration: 1 hr. 30 Min. 



Artistic direction: Magdalena Weniger

Choreography: Magdalena Weniger and Linda Pilar Brodhag in co-authorship with the performers

Performance: Linda Pilar Brodhag, Ophelia Young, Renan Manhaes, Benjamin Lindh Medin, Magdalena Weniger

Dramaturgy Veit Arlt 

Text: Veit Arlt, Florence Freitag, Renan Manhaes, Magdalena Weniger in co-authorship with the performers

Music design Jarii van Gohl

Set design Bettina Kletzsch

Costume Bettina Kletzsch and Theresa Rothe

Video Raiko Sánchez

Objects Theresa Rothe

Technical direction and lighting design Steffen Melch

Production KOMA&Ko, Helena Steurer

Public Relations KOMA&Ko, Helena Steurer, Katharine Schwarzer

Graphics Julia Loeffler 

Photos and documentation Jennifer Rohrbacher