Kristina Petrova/Katia Reshetnikova/Vera Shchelkina

Interactive tactile performance | Please wear motion-friendly shoes and clothing. | English and Russian version, no special language skills required.


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With CO-TOUCH, a small audience group embarks on an immersive journey through sound and body experiences. The visitors inside come into an empty room and receive a blindfold and headphones. Guided by the performers, they experience events and stories through sound compositions, movements and touches, which are also shaped by their own personal associations. Body experiences, inner stories and memories are unearthed and allow the inner and outer worlds, past and present, to merge with each other.

The soundtrack is a combination of composed sounds and binaural recordings collected around the world to imagine how our body sounds from within and how different sounds affect our movements and body condition. CO-TOUCH is an ongoing research laboratory that brings together contemporary dance, sound art, Axis syllabus, ideokinesis, contact improvisation, bodywork and other somatic practices to explore the potential of tactile interaction and how art can be perceived with our whole body.

Katia Reshetnikova is a sound and performance artist who experiments with the performativity of sound and perception. She graduated in sound design from VGIK Film School in Moscow and MA performance design course from Central Saint Martins College of Art in London. With her work she participated in various international art projects: Moscow SA)). Sound Art Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art GARAGE, Himalaya Art Residence, Tel Aviv Architect’s House, Prague Quadriennale, Art Night London, St. Petersburg Open Look Festival for Contemporary Dance, Venice Biennale, etc. Since 2015 Katia Reshetnikova has been working with the Berlin theatre group Rimini Protokoll on projects such as Remote X, Truck Tracks and Cargo Moscow.

Kristina Petrova is a sociologist and performer who explores human attention and devotion in her performative works. She taught stage movement for children at a school and developed choreographic pieces with them. Since 2013 she has been studying and taking summer courses at the Moscow Dance School TSEKH and at the Festival Open Look St. Petersburg. She studied dance criticism at the “Theaterinstitut” – a joint project of the Festival Goldene Maske and the Meyerhold Theaterzentrum Moscow. Since 2015 she has been a performer in the action project of choreographer Alexandra Konnikova.

Vera Shchelkina is an author, performer and movement researcher. She completed a training in German and journalism at the MSU in Moscow, studied technique and composition of contemporary dance at the dance school TSEKH (Moscow) and took part in various international dance courses and workshops. She is co-author and participant of several projects, including CO-TOUCH, My Ex(body) and Imposture Lab. Her current interest is in contemporary dance forms dealing with somatic practices. In this field she teaches at the Russian Special Academy of Arts, teaches in her own practice and gives workshops. She began her training as a somatic specialist at the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy in Moscow.