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Musik: Neue Vocalsolisten | Mit Werken von Huihui Cheng, Georges Aperghis, Hannes Seidl u.a.


In a time in which many young artists* are turning away from high culture and virtuosity, leaving temples of muses, despising the artificial and questioning traditional forms of reception, in which the visual gesture is put on an equal footing with musical ones, reality is transformed into artistic material and every performance is medially charged, the challenge for a top vocal ensemble and the role of its members is also changing: they are becoming a projection screen, a medium, representatives of reality.


Ricardo Eizirik: in steps (2018)* for five amplified voices and one performer

Georges Aperghis: Passwords (2016)

Tiziano Manca: Signification (2010) for three voices

Huihui Cheng: Your Turn (2018)*

A card game performance for six singers and spectators

Hannes Seidl: For us. For us. (2018/19)*, Songs at the piano for two to four voices

Lars Petter Hagen: The Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart Note-Book (2011)

*World premieres as part of Music of the Centuries/ECLAT Stuttgart 2019