Caída del Cielo

Rocío Molina (ES)

Tanz Musik

After she couldn’t dance a performance at the festival “Erbstücke” in April 2019 due to injury, Rocío Molina and her impressive band are back at HELLERAU. In “Caída del Cielo” – Spanish for “fallen from the sky” – she combines untamed, virtuoso flamenco with a rock concert and performance art. With sensual images and enormous energy, rousing rhythms and great clarity, Rocío Molina takes the audience on this great journey to the broken origins of flamenco in the culture of the Gitanos, the Spanish Roma.

Her piece “Caída del Cielo” describes the journey of a woman searching for her roots, whose dance springs from her femininity as well as from the earth, which she treads with energetically hammering heels. She represents a romantic white flamenco dancer, an energetic matador, even the tragic misery of the oil disasters in the Mediterranean and ends in a touch of punk.

The Spanish choreographer and dancer Rocío Molina (Malaga, 1984) is regarded as one of the most important younger protagonists of modern flamenco. She developed her very own artistic language by combining avant-garde elements with a traditional flamenco style that respects the essence. In 2017 she received the Max Award for Best Dancer and Choreographer for “Caída del Cielo”.