Festival Opening & Vernissage Belonging

Olha Filonchuk

Nebenan Gespräch 2022/23

Vernissage Belonging

“Belonging” is a series of immersive installations. Micro spaces build around an object(s), inspired by traditional symbols of Ukrainian culture, which had been transformed but still keeping the power of meanings, secrets and history deep inside. Intertwined with the sound from their places of origin, integrated from native environment into unexpected landscapes. Together with the space those objects create a fragile architecture structure inviting you inside this postsacred world. As a metaphor of relocation and culture identification, like aliens or weirdos, lost but found, those symbols can appear anywhere, cut and paste from one picture to another, bringing the baggage of stories but staying wordless, silent storytellers who can speak with you without a word. What will you hear? Can they hint at the place where the keys to the secret door of your personal belonging are hidden? 

Duration: 30 min.

Language: german, ukrainian

„Belonging” – це ряд імерсивних інсталяцій, у центрі яких – традиційні українські предмети та символи. Незважаючи на сучасну трансформацію та відділення від рідного середовища, вони зберігають свою силу, таємниці та історії. В якості метафори зміни місця проживання та культурної ідентифікації, вони з’являються в різних куточках парку HELLERAU.

Тривалість: 30 хв.

Мова: німецька, українська

Виставки відкриваються за годину до початку першого заходу. Вхід вільний!

Olha Filonchuk is a Ukrainian theater stage designer and artist, she studied traditional embroidery, costume and art in the University of Art in Kyiv and has 13 years practice as a theater stage, puppet and costume designer. Mainly creating performances for children throughout this time, in 2019 she became a co-founder of the Baby Theater for children under 3 years old in Kyiv, specializing in creating immersive spaces of performances, kind of installations, without classic stage, involving the audience in the play. She works with mixed media in the theater and her artistic practice, using animation, collages, photography, embroidery and other traditional craft technics, rethinking them in her own way. After the big scale invasion of russians in Ukraine, she lives in Germany and continue her artistic research and practice here as well as in Ukraine.