ARK Dresden – Ark for Underestimated Knowledge

With Josef Panda, Raul Walch, Nazanin Zandi, Konglomerat e.V., Zeitgenossen e.V., Montagscafé, Jarii van Gohl and pupils from the 101st High School.

15:00 - 22:00 Various artistic formats to participate and listen to

Performance Musik Familie

ARK Dresden: Ark for Underestimated Knowledge
A project by Quarantine (GB), Katja Heiser (DE) and Mustafa Hasan (SY/DE)

Seven European production houses, festivals and public institutions in Athens, Dresden, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Porto, Strasbourg, Utrecht and Warsaw started the project “Moving Borders” together two years ago: Each partner developed a version of the artistic concept “ARK” by the British collective Quarantine in its own city – adapted to the local conditions and together with the local people.

We invite you to “ARK Dresden – Ark for Underestimated Knowledge”: a place for encounters, exchange and interesting insights is being created on the banks of the Elbe and on the personal ferry “Johanna”. Dresden citizens and local artists will share, present and save individual knowledge, skills and experiences that should not be lost over time and due to social change. Come and save with us!

ARK Dresden takes place as part 2 of the festival “Stadt.Raum.Fluss. Contemporary Positions on the City” by HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts.

Venue: Elbufer Dresden near the Johanna ferry dock Accessible via Diakonissenweg/Holzhofgasse, EV 11, 41 (Diakonissenkrankenhaus)

Program Mo 12.07.

15:00 – 17:00 h

Women’s Café from Monday Café 

Me, you, us, them: Sharing knowledge, Nazanin Zandi
In this comic workshop, people who were previously strangers to each other come into exchange by creating blank characters as well as blank speech and thought bubbles and can embed the resulting comic scene in a Dresden landscape.

17:00 – 22:00 h

Monday Café
With a snippet disco, shared food, live music and various artistic formats to participate in and listen to.

Collection – what our clothes have to tell, Josef Panda
Clothes are a means of communication between the individual and the outside world and a repository of information about personal memories and experiences. The essence of the stories is graphically applied to second-hand textiles and thus made visible to others. Find out what your clothes tell!

“Skatebankcola” – Johannstädter Kiezfragmente, Jarii van Gohl and pupils from the 101st Oberschule.
An auditory snapshot of a neighbourhood: Feelings, wishes, fears and hopes of the young people are the focus. Their voices are arranged in a mix of music and field recordings, which were recorded together on location in the neighbourhood.

HörFluss. Audio features on the Elbe, Konglomerat e.V.
People talk about their experiences with the Elbe in terms of work, living, culture and recreation. These individual stories and dreams provide new perspectives on the river as a natural boundary in Dresden and as a working and living space.

GesprächsFluss, Konglomerat e.V and Zeitgenossen e.V.
Help shape the future of Dresden’s Elbe! We are collecting your visions, suggestions and questions on an interactive map of the Elbe.

Waving Signals – a cosmopolitan flag choreography for all, Raul Walch
Visitors of the Monday Café and ARK Dresden design flags that are used in a flag choreography: a simple gesture of greeting across the Elbe from one bank to the other.

Island of underestimated knowledge and island of European questions
We invite you to casual conversation and exchange about underestimated knowledge, lost knowledge, forgotten experiences and other things that are too valuable to simply disappear.