Demian Kappenstein & Inéz Schaefer


Musik Gespräch

ÄTNA are singer Inéz and drummer Demian Kappenstein – and if you surrender to their music, you can hardly believe that this powerful and unusual sound is created by only two musicians. ÄTNA generate a powerful, percussive-driving and darkly twisted version of pop that is not afraid of aliens. With abstract beats, minimalistic synthesizers and unbridled vocal power they create something completely fresh.

In a special way ÄTNA combine sound and visual aesthetics to something unique. Last year they published LA FAMIGLIA – An Audiovisual Suite, a conceptual work with artistically performative one-shot shots and gave an insight into their own aesthetics: a fusion of minimalism, beats and vocal power. The four-part video suite opens up an interesting spectrum of intense sonic and visual experiences. The challenge of playing and filming all pieces live creates a unique tension between artist and medium. In each picture there are allusions to design icons, artistic currents and places one would not expect in today’s Germany.

Now ÄTNA return to the APPIA stage in HELLERAU for a unique concert. ÄTNA’s music video BROTHER was filmed live and without editing on this stage, which was developed and designed in 1912 by Adolphe Appia and Alexander von Salzmann. The historical stage design and the reconstruction of the light room with 5000 light bulbs behind four walls provide a shadow-free environment.

In their concert performance, ÄTNA merge the visual and musical levels, followed by presenter and editor Mischa Kreiskott (NDR Kultur) inviting the audience to a discussion with the artists.