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Mit Borrás | ADAPTASI CYCLE – ARCYRIA  | 07.10. – 07.11.2021

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he exhibition presents a video installation which is part of Borrás’ new body of work – the ADAPTASI CYCLE, that has been developed over the course of the last five years. ADAPTASI CYCLE is a divination of our reality, transcending the limits of pasts and futures, the organic and synthetic, the natural and technological. His work seeks to explore the metaphysical depths of adaptation as a method of surpassing the categorial limits of existence.

The film „Adaptasi Cycle – Arcyria“ presents the futuristic fiction of M: In an alternative present, M cultivates her pro-technological body and her mind on a daily basis in a methodical and ceremonial manner. Apart from the company of a white owl, she lives isolated in a ‘soft cave’ – a space of seemingly flawless harmony. Within this space, M trains and hydrates her physique virtuously, embodying accelerationistic fantasies that in a sense resemble a new occultism. During her push-ups and stretching, M meditates and mentally escapes to distant places beyond this amor vacui.

Mit Borrás is a visual artist based in both Madrid and Berlin. His multi-dimensional artistic approach primarily incorporates video- and sculpture-based works that conceptually explore how modern society has elevated digitalism, technology, and progress into its paradigm of evolution.

Mit Borrás. ADAPTASI CYCLE – ARCYRIA | 4K FILM. 14:45 mins, 2021

DIRECTED BY Mit Borrás | ART DIRECTOR Rachel Lamot | WITH Marta Casado | MUSIC Daniel Vacas Peralta | COLOR GRADE Manuel Escorihuela | BOWLS Templesounds | CHOIRS | DIDGERIDOO Musicmindmagic | PRODUCTION Mit Borrás | Paola Álvarez Filmproduktion | BIRD Emociones al Vuelo | DRONE Yueqiang Liu Zhang | Mercado RC | MAKE UP FX | Harpo, Eloy Noguera | Ana Cuéllar | SOUND SUPERVISOR Manuel Escorihuela | PRODUCTION DESIGN Cavve Pavilion