Dear HELLERAU Audience,

We are delighted to welcome you back to HELLERAU. So that you know what to look out for during your visit to HELLERAU, we have compiled the most important points for you below. The basis for this is the hygiene concept approved by the Health Department of the State Capital Dresden as well as the Corona Ordinance of the Free State of Saxony valid at the time.

Ticket purchase

Due to the prescribed minimum distance, there is only a limited number of seats available. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase tickets in advance online or at the advance booking offices. Ticket reservations for the box office are not possible. However, remaining tickets are available at the box office.

The box office will be open one hour prior to each event. Please follow AHA+L+A rules and avoid grouping.

The visitor centre is open Mon – Sat/holidays 11am – 6pm, Sunday (01/05 – 31/10) 1pm – 6pm.

Advance booking start

Advance ticket sales for our performances currently take place at least 7 days before the respective event.

Registration for ticket purchase

Our tickets are sold without exception in a personalized form with the name and contact details of the ticket purchaser. For official contact, address, telephone number or e-mail address must be provided for this purpose. The purchaser:in must ensure that he/she can provide the names and contact details of the persons who will use the tickets to attend the event in order to enable the authorities to contact them.

The registration of the customer data of free mediation offers takes place in the entrance area of the respective room, if a registration in the entrance area is not provided.

The contact details will only be passed on to the authorities for contacting after a request by the authorities with reference to the Corona pandemic and will be destroyed after 28 days.

Visiting events in HELLERAU

Admission to events
Prior to your visit to HELLERAU, please perform a Corona self-check and ensure that you are free of symptoms typical of Covid-19. Please bring a valid ID card or other form of identification.

You will be required to wear a medical or FFP2 mask throughout the facility and during the event. In addition, please follow the signposted routes, use the disinfection station at the entrance to the visitor center and keep a sufficient distance.

Corona test not required
A Corona test is not required to attend our events.


Registration is required for all visitors.

This can be done using the pass4all app or the Corona Warn app. Corresponding QR codes are located in the entrance area. If you do not have an app installed, please register at the service terminal by providing the visitor’s name, telephone number or e-mail and address, as well as the time and place of the visit. This data is only collected in the event of a Corona infection for forwarding to the health department and is deleted after 28 days. To reduce waiting times, you can download the document here and fill it out in advance.

Please arrive on time to avoid delays in the event start.


Admission to the event rooms is at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the performance, in compliance with Corona’s one-way protection rules. After the end of the event, guests will leave the event space via the signposted exits or under the direction of the front-of-house staff.

For barrier-free access to the auditorium, please contact our Visitor Center in advance or speak to our front-of-house staff before admission begins.


In order to enable as many people as possible to visit HELLERAU, we allocate the seats in the event rooms exclusively as individual seats in a checkerboard pattern. This allows us to guarantee the distance of 1.50 m everywhere. For this reason, it is not possible for several people from one household to sit together. We ask for your understanding.


To avoid crowding in the aisles, we ask you to leave your jackets and bags in the car if possible. We will only open the West Cloakroom (in the foyer on the left) to avoid queuing in the box office area.


The use of the sanitary area is limited to a maximum of four people at a time, in order to be able to guarantee the minimum distance of 1.5 m there as well. The toilets are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.


During the break, it is possible to stay in the Festspielhaus and visit the exhibitions/installations in compliance with the AHA rules. We recommend that you spend the break in the fresh air.

For re-admission, please show your tickets again to the admission staff.

Drinks and snacks

On performance days, visitors:inside can purchase drinks and snacks from the restaurant bar via a designated entrance on the east side of the Festspielhaus and consume them on the outdoor terrace.


The air conditioning system in the Great Hall provides regular air exchange for up to 400 people.

Testing and monitoring concept for individual artistic productions

For some events, it is possible that artists:inside fall short of the minimum distances. In such a case, a continuous testing and monitoring concept is based on regular PCR tests of all persons who fall below the minimum distances.

Support options

We are happy if you buy HELLERAU vouchers or HELLERAU Cards. T-shirts and cotton bags from sustainable production can be purchased in the HELLERAU Fan Shop.