Nicolas Cilins & Yan Duyvendak & Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez (CH)

German premiere | Arabic and Persian interpreters | In Dresden, the journalists Sarah Ulrich and Juliane Streich will moderate the event.

Theater Performance

“ACTIONS” is a stage and action project by Swiss artists Yan Duyvendak, Nataly Sugnaux and Nicolas Cilins. The basic idea is the concrete negotiation of an urgent problem in the city in the form of a theatrical assembly. In Dresden, ACTIONS will focus on the special conditions in the areas of migration, coexistence and work, especially of migrant women.

The team of artists and the HELLERAU team will analyse the special conditions in Dresden in the areas of migration, coexistence and work through preliminary research. Specialists working in these fields will be interviewed. The material is used to create a script for a unique theatre performance in which those affected can have their say and express their needs. ACTIONS wants to offer new perspectives and help to find concrete solutions in a complex field. ACTIONS is a documentary theatre and social forum on the border between art, politics and action.