30 Jahre Theater-Film-Kunst

Harriet Maria Meining and Peter Meining in conversation about their work

Dancing About Film 2022/23

Dresden theatre, performance and film artists Harriet Maria Meining and Peter Meining (formerly norton. commander.productions.), who have won numerous awards at international festivals, talk to Carena Schlewitt about their work in various genres and decades since the 1990s. Film clips and documents from the various creative periods accompany the conversation. 

 In cooperation with the Saxon Academy of the Arts.  

Followed by a screening of the film FALTER (2019), 43 min. 

The film describes the romantic beginnings of a posthuman age. Falter works in a laboratory on the production of artificial humans. In order to give his monotonous life of work, sex and sport a new meaning, Falter decides to share it with an android. After a tragic accident, Falter’s final metamorphosis takes place. What happens when our striving for eternal life, perfection and love no longer needs our biological body? 

Duration: approx. 2 hrs.

Director: Harriet Maria Meining, Peter Meining

Cast: André M. Hennicke, Michael Kranz, Bernhard Schütz, Dennenesch Zoudè, Viktor Tremmel, Christian Erdt