Ya-Wen Fu – Medienkunst 2019/20

Discipline: Media Art 

Project name HELLERAU: A transformed throw In order to develop my project: “A Transformed Throw”, it is important for me to work out and understand how certain stimulus affect a physical movement. The invisible power of the installation can be understood as a metaphor for different ways and forms of throwing. The process of throwing plays a role in representing the tension of the relationship between the human body and the installation. 

What inspires you? In my artistic work, I deal with the dimensions of the human body and the relationship between the individual body and the external environment. I want to find out how we succeed in coexisting with our own body under different circumstances and how to understand it as a passive medium for the transfer of information and physical actions. We work out of our body by creating ourselves as semi-human sculptures. 

Your first three thoughts about HELLERAU:

  • Individual and collective artistic development
  • Cultural exchange – international perspectives
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation

How would you describe your way of working? As Maurice Merleau-Ponty describes it: “The human body inhabits in space; moreover, it itself is an expressive space.” Body movement doesn’t work like playing an instrument. Playing an instrument is more like an object that detaches itself from us. But through the creation of movement in the body, we are also in conversation with ourselves. Through our movements we try to act and define our environment. This means that not only do our everyday behaviours relate to time and space or culture and society, but they are also connected to the conditions and experiences of our body. I am looking for a connection between the self and its attention in society, so that I can develop abstract ideas from this perception. The body functions as a place where needs and fantasies are expressed. In a way I equate artistic work and life, to improvise this expression of the body as movement. “Without body there is no space”.