Tereza Ondrová // Temporary Collective

June – July 2023

A dancer and a geophone – both with a purpose to sense, feel and magnify. For the research process of GEO, czech based dancer Tereza Ondrová of Temporary Collective is creating a duet with the sediment – meaning, resourcing the history, contours and shifts of the ground below to MOVE. Through meeting with geologists and historians, she researches the sediment and territory of each location she is in residence. She is in search of a dance that creates a musicality with the texture and layering of the earth below her feet and the narrative that lives there. Through the geophone (a contact mic), each of her steps and contact with the floor contributes to the sonic composition of the performance in real time. She traces and maps with the sound generated from her dance, bringing our focus to the landscape and environment around us. 

Body, building, land. All with a history. All with their own rhythm. All with their own effect on each other. Ponec is a theater in Prague standing on bedrock shaped by the Vltava River 1000 years ago. A river that is now 1 kilometer away. Tereza has been dancing on that bedrock in Ponec for 25 years. The first solo she danced there was to a symphonic poem of the Vltava River. The choreography currently being researched for GEO is a topography of all of these players and layers. Through this dance and with the help of a geophone, the ground below and the body above will guide us into awareness of the landscape we all inhabit.

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