Tchina Ndjidda

Photo: Klaus Gigga

Tchina Ndjidda sees himself as an activist, describing through his solo piece the problem of clandestine immigration and its roots in colonization, education, and social image. “CROSS” is a dance performance based on Ndjidda’s own experiences that tells a story of a young dancer in search of a career in Europe. After frustration and many failed attempts, he returns to his country and family to talk about a utopian world. The solo piece moves from a melancholic and tragic plot in the search of pride and love to encountering frustrations, anger, sadness, and loss. His experience creates a new force, which gives him hope to face his future and the dream. The dance is a combination of contemporary hip hop, mixing jerky and fluid energy, and ritual, therapeutic, and traditional dances from North Cameroon (Tchawal and Badag) which guide the dead and enter a trance celebrating life and hope.

Along with the choreographers and dancers Asanda Ruda and Bibata Ibrahim Maiga, Tchina Ndjidda  took part in the residency program at HELLERAU as a winner of the fourth edition of the Festival “Africa Simply the Best”. “Africa Simply the Best” is a dance platform and competition for solo performances initiated by choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly. Promoting creativity, innovation, and originality, this Pan-African cultural event every two years rewards the best African creators in solo choreographic work.