Melih Kıraç – Dance/ Performance/ Installations 2019/2020

Genre: Dance, Performance, Installations 

Partnerprogram: Be Mobile Create Togehter 

Project in HELLERAU: I had some keywords, like cultural heritage and its conservation strategies. I was interested in “value” as a starting point. Now I have a website-project that I see as an open-source that was initiated here and I am excited about a sketch for the future to work about voice and interplay of voices with some apparatuses, as a way of choreographing and displaying it. Both are interrelated somehow. How can I capture a memory and bring it to the present? Twining the theatres is a poetic act and a way of performing the memory.


What inspires you? I always believe that things work to find connections, even if I am not aware, there are webs knowing themselves. When I feel not directing the process, things come up and find relations. I love these moments of revival. 

Your first three thoughts about HELLERAU? I’m quite excited about how HELLERAU will stay with me as part of my memories. These three months were very unique and self-isolation made them even intimate and precious. Exceptional. Supportive. Spiritual. 

How would you describe your way of working? I came here to construct a working field with a sense of not-knowing, liquid-knowing. I exactly wrote that sentence in my notebook, then I found myself in the depths of the playing field of uncertainty. I like to change directions. I see my work as an interplay between theory, practice, play, sketches, dreams… Contemplation and seeing things. I watch a lot. I’m a passionate improviser and unpredictability is something I try to activate while working.

HELLERAU meets Tarabya: Moving Inwards – Performing Arts Without a Stage? The online Round-Table Talk “HELLERAU meets Tarabya: Moving Inwards – Performing Arts Without a Stage?“ took place on April 24th, 2020. An international collaboration between two Artist Residencies HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, Dresden and Kulturakademie Tarabya, Istanbul. 

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