Gizem Aksu (TR) Dance/ Performance/ Installations 2019/2020

Genre: Dance, Performance, Installations

Partnerprogram: Be Mobile Create Togehter

Project in HELLERAU:

I was supposed to create “Archive of Feelings: Dresden” by collecting feelings from daily encounters, collective meetings, communal sharing, social observations and personal experience. But, COVID19 has directly influenced my process. “Self-isolation” has brought many feelings in personal, public, virtual spaces. This is not my first time to isolate myself. In 2016, when Istanbul had been experiencing bomb explosions, I was not able to be present, move freely in public spaces and I isolated myself for a while. The context was political violence; therefore, it was considered as local and self-imposed practice to exist. In 2020 the context is health, the conjecture is global and I am legally obliged to survive, save lives.
In this project, I am artistically researching on death, dying, life, existence and how action, perception and conception of body may present various ways to think on political, philosophical and moral implications on these.

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What inspires you?
Death may be ineffable, impossible to experience for being-in-the-world but a very constitutive aspect of human existence. How can I organize my being to speak on which is ineffable, reflect on which is impossible to experience; deconstruct this constitutive aspect of existence? What might the consequences and implications of death be in daily life, how can death affect the structure of the everyday life?
The yin-yang symbol in the front side of the Festspielhaus is one of my daily inspirations.

Your first three thoughts about HELLERAU?
I am virtually hugging the main building sometimes to remind it that the artists would come soon again.

How would you describe your way of working?
I would say that my methodology is composition; research formats are varying from photography to choreography, text to video. Spontaneity, surprising-the self-i(n)solation, consciousness construction, 99 could be some keywords for my daily scores. Body is the ultimate concept where I arrive and leave as always.