fachbetrieb rita grechen – Musical theatre/installations 2019/20

Genre: Musical theatre, installations 

Project in HELLERAU: What is more too much than everything “What is more too much than everything” is about life versus death. The great hall of the Festspielhaus is completely white. Sand trickles down from the ceiling, which is sucked away by small glowing vaccum cleaner robots. Light falls trough a skylight. Then techno and a catwalk with faceless models. Another, smaller room opens up: a baroque chamber music scene with newspapers and champagne for everyone. The baroque room is slowly and steadily cleared out by three workers, the individual objects are vacuumed and archived, in a gigantic plastic cube that previously fell out of the ceiling. The archivists stop at nothing and at some point even archive themselves. A thunderstorm is coming, first signs of the end of the world. A last long desperate monologue speaks to postpone death. Then the doors open to the rainy garden, where the performers dig hot vegetables out of the ground for the audience. The last meal. 

What inspires you? All sorts of things. History, philosophy, climate, current issues, fashion, material, newspaper, architecture, food, books, science, art, light, video and photography, music. 

Your first thoughts about HELLERAU? HELLERAU has placed an immense amount of trust in us right from the start. That is very great. And the protected working atmosphere allowed us to live out our megalomania undisturbed. In HELLERAU you are always welcomed so warmly, no matter whether you come to a meeting or watch a performance. 

How would you describe your way of working? We usually work with a different constellation of people for each project. That’s why we are always looking for ways to work together as a group without hierarchies and with respect for everyone. We experiment with all disciplines that interest us and that we consider important. Furthermore, the audience and its influence is a central part of our evenings.

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