Musicboard Berlin: Choka

November - December 2023

Choka is a collaboration between Bolivian multidisciplinary artist Maque Pereyra and Brazilian experimental musician Ricardo Eizirik. Motivated by general aesthetic and thematic affinities they decided to form a platform for collaborations named Choka with the intention of expanding their practices within the realm of music, visual- and performative arts.


The residency is supported by mentoring from Perera Elsewhere. Experimental pop writer Sasha Perera aka Perera Elsewhere is a producer, songwriter and DJ. She uses technology to experiment with her voice and lyrics, voice, lyrics, percussive beats, deep bass frequencies and sound design to explore the experience, led to the ‘doom-folk’ sound of the Perera Elsewhere project, where she found a home at LA label Friends of Friends and released two well-received albums. @perera_elsewhere

In cooperation with Musicboard Berlin