Bibata Ibrahim Maiga

Photo: Klaus Gigga

Bibata Ibrahim Maïga is a dancer, actress and young choreographer born in Gao, Mali. As the director and founder of the B-z’Art move center and the I dance’O association since 2018, she organized training activities for professional dancers, children, and teenagers in Bamako, Mali. In 2017, she completed her dancing and choreographic training at the Ècole des Sables in Dakar. Her project “Esprit Bavard” dives into the individual’s spirit which is restricted by social norms, traditions, and religions. The pressure from society hinders individuals to be themselves. The dance deconstructs the walls built by ancestral past and suffocating the individual. It seeks to free those, who feel trapped by the world already made.

Along with the choreographers and dancers Asanda Ruda and Tchina Ndjidda, Bibata Ibrahim Maiga took part in the residency program at HELLERAU as a winner of the fourth edition of the Festival “Africa Simply the Best”. “Africa Simply the Best” is a dance platform and competition for solo performances initiated by choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly. Promoting creativity, innovation, and originality, this Pan-African cultural event every two years rewards the best African creators in solo choreographic work.

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