Asanda Rudas

Photo: Klaus Gigga

Asanda Rudas (16.10. – 02.11.23)

Asanda Ruda’s dancing career began in community groups around Soweto, South Africa. In 2020, she joined the German-based dance Pina Bausch Foundation to take part in the piece “The Rite of Spring”, a joint production by École des Sables (SEN), Sandlers’s Wells (UK), and the Pina Bausch Foundation. Her piece “Kemet (black lands)” explores space and politics through generational otherness and emancipation of oneself through culture. This work questions political conformity in an Afro-contemporary world.

Along with the choreographers and dancers Bibata Ibrahim Maiga and Tchina Ndjidda, Asanda Ruda took part in the residency program at HELLERAU as a winner of the fourth edition of the Festival “Africa Simply the Best”. “Africa Simply the Best” is a dance platform and competition for solo performances initiated by choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly. Promoting creativity, innovation, and originality, this Pan-African cultural event every two years rewards the best African creators in solo choreographic work.

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