Alexandre David (CA) Zeitgenössische klassische Musik 2019/20, Foto: Kelly Jacob

Alexandre David – Contemporary classical music 2018/2019

Partner program: Québec Council of Arts residency exchange 

Discipline/Genre: Contemporary classical music 

Project name in HELLERAU: Animal·Machine “Animal-Machine” is a 24 minutes long piece for spatialized orchestra and electronics. 

What inspires you? Theater, Visual Arts, Gamelan, Heavy Metal 

Your first three thoughts about HELLERAU?  An inspiring workplace A calm environment, with yet so many interesting events A great showcase for diversity in culture 

How would you describe your way of working?  I love sketching and planning my works. Sometimes, the sketch ends up being the score for the performers, and sometimes, I forget the sketch and the piece ends up being completely something else. I have recently being using a lot of spectral analyses from sounds coming from certain environments, so that the pitch and rhythm materials can create a relation between what the performers are producing and these environments.