Agnes Hvizdalek (NO/AT) Gesang 2019/20 Foto:

Agnes Hvizdalek – Cross-Genre Vocals 2019/20

Genre: Cross-Genre Vocals 

Project in HELLERAU: Abstract vocal music The formula of my music is very simple: the possible minus the normal plus what I especially like. At the center is my fascination for the human voice with all its facets: on the one hand, the immediacy, directness and the individual, and on the other hand the universal connecting element. Over the past years I have been active in many different areas and gained valuable experience in numerous collaborations. In HELLERAU, I would like to concentrate on my solo project and develop concepts for self-initiated collaborations. 

What inspires you? How someone places an S in their mouth or inserts a pause between two words. A single sound, a stone, a ray of light, or the distance between two objects in relation to their background. For me things can easily become poetic and I can get inspiration from all sorts of things. Especially those that seem impossible first and then become possible and even normal, fascinate me. Sometimes people need an incredible amount of time to realise change and make impossible what they do not think is possible. Music is a wonderful particle accelerator with which the phenomenon of perception can be easily digested, culinarily prepared and filled into jam jars. 

Your first thoughts about HELLERAU? A peculiar place where many things are possible. A hotspot of artistic vision in the heart of Europe, slightly protected from brutal political reality. A perfect place to go out of oneself to look inside, reflect, focus, and develop new things. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to be able to stay at this exceptional place and take a close look at my working routines from another perspective. 

How would you describe your way of working? As an experimental musician, I’m always outside existing genres — happily visiting everywhere but at home nowhere. I’ve always had an above-average interest in everything around music, and it was clear very early that I didn’t want to be a “normal“ singer. I wanted to study the voice as an instrument, and not only in the way music history teaches us. My focus has always been the here and now and what’s next. My projects are always suggestions for what else singing can be. It’s a kind of normative research that I try to approach with meticulous precision on the one hand and by following my intuition on the other. I deeply believe music sounds best when both are equally considered. 
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