Æ (DE) Impure Pop 2020/21

Genre: Impure Pop 

Residence partner: Musicboard Berlin 

Project in HELLERAU: Æ 

Band-Members: Akila (ID) und Elias (BO/DK) 

Brief description of the project: We’re here to finish our debut album (10 songs), as well as have time to explore the creative possibilities of our project. We want to consolidate our artistic identity as an “impure pop” duo. 

What inspires you? We take inspiration from many sources, but the songs we have written here have been mostly inspired by past and current relationships, as well as self-discovery and healing. There are also instances of breaking free from things we have been taught, ingrained in us, but which we have come to realise are wrong. 

Your first three thoughts about HELLERAU? Artsy Spacious, comfortable Inspiring 

How would you describe your way of working? Here at Hellerau our working process has been mostly to begin with the production of the track. We set the mood first. With most tracks even the melody has come before the lyrics. Working like this has perhaps helped give the tracks more structure than if we were to begin with lyrics. For the last song we decided to write the lyrics first. We did a writing exercise where we write lines interchangeably without thinking too much about it. The result was a song with no real chorus, which in a way is refreshing after having followed a rather standard structure for the other tracks.

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