Podcast from HELL

Every month there is a portion of HELLERAU for your ears – whether on line 8 on the way to us, while walking, cleaning or on Friday evenings when you miss the Festspielhaus. You can expect exciting interviews with our artists, sound workshops, HELLERAU ASMR and much more.

Episode 4 – TONLAGEN

The Other in Music?

A roundtable discussion on different perspectives on coming to terms with the music of the GDR on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Dresden Center for Contemporary Music.

Moderation: Jakob Auenmüller (PhD in music, history and cultural studies)

Guests: Hilke Wagner (Director of the Albertinum of the Dresden State Art Collections), Claudia Schmidt-Krahmer (Prorector for Artistic Practice at the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music Dresden), Clara Bergert (student teacher of music and mathematics at the HfM Dresden)

This year, the Dresden Center for Contemporary Music celebrates its 35th anniversary. In the 4th episode of the Podcast from HELL, moderated by Jakob Auenmüller, PhD, musicologist, different perspectives on the reappraisal of East German art in the post-reunification period are discussed.

How is the current treatment of music and art from the GDR perceived? Where and in which formats does the representation of East German art take place? What role can and should the art of the former GDR play in the future negotiation processes in the all-German debate and integration?

Podcast from HELL Special – A fictional audio walk through HELLERAU #1

The volunteers at HELLERAU take you on a fictional audio walk through the Festspielhaus and meet faces that fill the place with art and life. With this auditory collection, different impressions, voices and experiences are made audible. We invite you to a little head cinema. Sound on! The first episode deals with the topics of admission, stage and audience space. In the next episode, you can expect a journey behind the scenes with the HELLERAU team. Enjoy!
The FSJers from left to right: Charlotte Hänsel, Eleanor Müller, Ludmilla Tallon, Janne Arp

Episode 3 – HYBRID

Hybrid spaces in hybrid times. We discuss what will happen during our Festival for digital HYBRID – CUTTING EDGE CANADA 11. – 14.03.2021 and how the connection to Canada came to be.

This episodes international guests will be: Moritz Lobeck (programme director for music and media HELLERAU) | Alain Mongeau (founder, general and artistic director MUTEK) | Pierre-Luc Lecours (composer and transdisciplinary artist) | Sahar Homami (audiovisual artist)

Hosts: Elisa Kneisel und Eleanor Müller (HELLERAU)

Episode 2 – Bandstand in Flamez

In Episode 2 the artist:in “Born in Flamez” talks about their debut album and the residency in HELLERAU. We also answer the question of what our music festival “Bandstand” will actually look like under pandemic conditions.

Episode 1 – Learning Feminism from Rwanda

The first episode is about the production “Learning Feminism from Rwanda” by the Berlin group Flinnworks, which was originally scheduled to be shown at HELLERAU in early December 2020. Sisters Lisa and Sophia Stepf (artistic directors) and Wesley Ruzibiza, the Rwandan choreographer of the project, talk about the women’s quota as a political instrument and go on the trail of Rwandan fast-track feminism.