Podcast from HELL

Every month there is a portion of HELLERAU for your ears – whether on line 8 on the way to us, while walking, cleaning or on Friday evenings when you miss the Festspielhaus. You can expect exciting interviews with our artists, sound workshops, HELLERAU ASMR and much more.

Episode 1 – Learning Feminism from Rwanda

The first episode is about the production “Learning Feminism from Rwanda” by the Berlin group Flinnworks, which was originally scheduled to be shown at HELLERAU in early December 2020. Sisters Lisa and Sophia Stepf (artistic directors) and Wesley Ruzibiza, the Rwandan choreographer of the project, talk about the women’s quota as a political instrument and go on the trail of Rwandan fast-track feminism.


In Episode 2, the artist:in “Born in Flamez” talks about her debut album and the residency at HELLERAU. We also answer the question of what our music festival “Bandstand” will actually look like under pandemic conditions.