Zur schönen Aussicht, Foto: Dovile Sermokas

Zur schönen Aussicht

The three researchers Jo Wespel (guitar, FX, composition), Paul Berberich (saxophone, FX) and Flo Lauer (drums, FX) are known for post-contemporary JazzBeats. The spirit and knowledge of beat music, jazz, new music, intelligent dance music, electronica, hip hop as well as polyrhythms, equidistances, isorhythms as well as philosophy, politics and current affairs are interwoven looking into the future. In the live performance, any intellectual pretension does not come close to getting in the way of the overflowing and ecstatic band energy. Seriousness without seriousness! Welcome to the 21st century.

The trio was founded around 2009 and has played around 150 concerts in Germany and Europe. Their newly created genre, Postcontemporary JazzBeats, has no limits in terms of venues either, meaning the three musicians have played everything from jazz festivals (XJAZZ Berlin, Akut Mainz, Drum+Bass Dresden), clubs (Urban Spree Berlin Golem Hamburg, E-Werk Freiburg), parties, outdoor raves (TGTRMR), restrooms, house concerts (Dr. Nepp), radios (Coloradio) and so on. They have released three albums (WhyPlayJazz, JazzHausMusik) and will complete their next one in 2021 together with various visionary rap and vocal artists. They also organised five of their own week-long, interdisciplinary and post-contemporary editions of their own festival “Kulturrabazzz” in Dresden (aftermovie from 2019) and the completely unique SURfF festival in Berlin 2019 (short movie).

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