Kulturgeflüster – The participatory editorial office for culture enthusiasts

Young culture-loving people show what comes on stage in Dresden. They experience culture together, talk, write and film about it in order to publish multimedia reviews. Interested people between the ages of 14 and 25 are cordially invited to participate.

On Wednesdays every two weeks, 6 p.m., an editorial meeting is held at Louisenstraße 41 to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

HELLERAU articles by the Kulturgeflüster editors

Geometrisches Ballett, Ursula Sax/Katja Erfurt, Ingrid Hering

LAPDANCE, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, 09.02.2020, Ingrid Hering

Floor on Fire, 20./21.12.2019, Ingrid Hering und Gabriel Muck

Rieke Süßkow (DE), Medea, Im Rahmen von Fast Forward – Europäisches Festival für junge Regie, 16./17.11.2019, Leah Strobel

Tanja Krone (DE), Das Ellenbogen-Prinzip (1), 29./30.10.2019, Ingrid Herig

#Prohlis_Paradies, 70 Jugendliche aus Prohlis 16./17.06.2019

Armada of Arts (DE), PPNews: Gerüchte 15./16./17.06.2019

Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE), “In Many Hands” 15./16./17.05.2019

Review Bandstand – Gute Musik! 15./16.02.2019

Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (DE), Girls Dance/Postgenoma/High Breed, Nancy May, 20.12.2018

Shiva Feshareki (GB) und Akiko Ahrendt (DE), Turntable trifft Violine, Club trifft Konzertsaal, Nancy May, 18.12.2018

Krystian Lupa (PL), “Der Prozess”, Leah Strobel, 07.12.2018

go plastic company (DE), “Motel Vibes”, Felicitas Sonntag, 05.11.2018

Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (DE), „N.N.N.N. / Echoes from a Restless Soul & Neuproduktion“, Mathilde Woy, 01.11.2018