Tourette Boys

From the oscillating wasteland of the central Sorbian steppe, later moved on to Dresden and Berlin, the Tourette Boys reveal a dusty, earthy honesty that celebrates and breathes the freedom of the country road and may transform the fate of the loners into heat-shimmering images. Musically deep and bluesy, the band, blessed with a great front preacher, is driven by the slope and the search for the psychedelic-mythical.

2012 Founded in Dresden
2014 First release “Point of no return” EP on vinyl / self-release
2016 “Kaiser” LP vinyl / self-release, “Past” CD collaboration with Tim Holehouse / self-release, “Torture & Punishment” split vinyl with Gaffa Ghandi / Setalight records
2017 “Kill” CD collaboration with Tim Holehouse / Aaah Real records
2019 “Zorn” LP on vinyl release may 2019 / self-release

Tourette Boys already shared the stage with crowd pullers like ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, SIENA ROOT, DÝSE, SLEEPY SUN, NAAM, TRUE WIDOW, BLACK LUNG, THE SKULL

For fans of: Flying Eyes, Pink Floyd, All them witches, Black Crowes, Alexis Corner meets Robert Plant