Streck Deine Zunge raus – Cruising Kruzing Hellerau | Adele*Mike Dittrich Frydetzki

16:00 – 18:30, Workshop for max. 10 participants, Cultural Garden
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The workshop is aimed at people who have social experiences of being read as female and centres their perspectives. Cis-male readings and their perspectives are also invited, but will not be centred.

Duration: 2h

If available, please bring smartphone and headphones.

Stick out your tongue and show me a way with it

Hello, my name is Mike.

I run this work shop.
In the Work-Shop I share my artistic interests with you.
The interests are desire and space.

My perspective is feminist and queer.
Feminist means against the oppression of perspectives read as female.
Queer is English.
Queer can mean living, loving and having sex differently.

The title of the work shop is Streck Deine Zunge heraus – Cruising Kruzing Hellerau.
The theatre is called Festspielhaus and is in Hellerau.

Cruising is English and means driving around.
Kruzing sounds like cruising.
Kruzing is Polish and is a fantasy word.

It can also mean having sex with strangers outside.

You can sign up for the work-shop.
The Work-Shop lasts two hours.
You don’t have to bring anything or know anything beforehand.

In the workshop we talk to each other.
We record our voices.
We look at each other.
We move around outside on the grounds.
We write something down.

The topic in difficult language is:

I would like to exchange with you about feminist forms of taking up space and in doing so test the terrain of Hellerau for its cruisability. We will move across the terrain in an exploratory way, observe gaze interactions and find make-out spots.

If you like, we can use our bodies and language as material.

I am interested in the trans- and performative potential of gazes and the unashamed formulation and performance of desire from a trans*masculine and feminist perspective.

What interests you?