Moritz Simon Geist – Soundrobots and DIY-Musik-Hacking

In this workshop, sound artists and robotics engineer Moritz Simon Geist gives an insight into the sound creation of small robotic systems and mechanics. The field of Robotic Electronic Music is a futuristic and visual way of producing music combining the craft of DIY Instrument design with the love for electronic music, techno, and sound art. In Robotic Electronic Music, all the sounds that are normally produced by computers or synthesizers are instead created with by physical objects: drums, metallic objects, motors, relays, and robotic devices. This introduces an error and nearly human touch into the musical structures, at the same time retaining the repetitive structures that can only be achieved with machines. In the workshop, 10 people are giving the possibility to explore and experiment with the sound which one can produce with Music Robots. Moritz Simon Geist brings part of his instrumentation, highlighting state-of-the-art music robots, acoustic design, and DIY Electronics. In an explanatory and hands-on setting, the participants are asked to create sounds, samples, produce and experiment with the given instrumentation. The participants can finally show their work in a showcase event and take home their produces sound material.

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