Moving Borders

The project “Moving Borders” is a cooperation among seven European production houses, festivals and public bodies in the sphere of performing arts.

During the project duration of 24 months, this group of partners will examine new ways of producing performing art projects, which approach and involve a broad spectrum of individuals and communities and focus on so far underrepresented groups. People of different origins and social milieus become co-creators and potential new audiences for cultural projects in their cities.

ARK Dresden: Ark for underestimated knowledge
A project from Quarantine (GB), Katja Heiser (DE), Svea Duwe (DE) and Mustafa Hasan (SY/DE)

“Moving Borders” uses artistic methods to initiate encounters between people of different origins and social milieus that would be unlikely to happen in real life. In a process of collecting and inventing stories, people who would usually never meet develop and establish a new hybrid cultural practice. In seven European cities with very different cultural, demographic and historical backgrounds, seven different editions of a community art project are created.

The project has the potential to be a role model for following projects, as the basic artistic concept can be adapted to any city or region, even after the actual running time of the project and its European co-funding.

The topic “borders” resonates in different ways in the framework of this project: it reflects the visible and invisible social and cultural segregation that threatens to tear our communities and the project of the European Union as a whole apart, it tries to conceive “borders” as the constitutive element of a potentially joyful diverse society – there is no diversity without “borders” that define certain cultural and social territories – and it takes a closer look at the “borders” that keep large parts of our cities and communities away from our theatres, venues and activities – borders we want to overcome with concepts, inventions, practices and activities which we are going to develop and implement during the duration of our project and beyond.