Talkmaster Max Rademann, Foto: Stephan Floss

Scheibenwisher Max Rademann

14:00 – 22:0 Durational Performance, Kulturgarten

Vinyllove – dear people – do you know what that is? Yes, it is possibly a somewhat transfigured, perhaps even kitschy form of love for music, that may be true. Because it’s not only about what we listen to, but also how we listen to it. But it’s also good to skip Spotify and not have access to a seemingly endless list of thousands and thousands of tracks. No, today we’re digging into Max Rademann’s record box. For this special date, he has brought along a few golden gems (or what he thinks are) from his record collection. We smoothly let the black round slip out of its sleeve, place it on the turntable like the finest delicatessen and guide the needle to the groove. And while we enjoy injecting the ear sugar into our hearts and brains through the headphones, we have the opportunity to cradle a large square of cover artwork in our hands. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes at least interesting and – yes – certainly sometimes irrelevant. And then we can chat about everything, the music, the record, the cover, face to face (there are only two headphones), disagree or agree, but ideally we put on the next song straight away and let ourselves be carried away to higher spheres with a spontaneous soundtrack of the day.