Resonanz | Hermann Heisig and Anna Zett

Performative development and dramaturgy: Jule Flierl, Hermann Heisig, Kristof Trakal, Anna ZettInvitation Try-Out HELLERAU

How is the knowledge of historical transformation and social violence between people preserved? Which narrative, emotional and habitual traces did the GDR and that, what came after it, leave in my body?

With RESONANZ the artist and author Anna Zett and the choreographer Hermann Heisig develop an improvisation format for changing participants and guests. Using verbal and non-verbal tools, the group explores practices of remembering and forgetting in connection with the construction and fall of the GDR. In a play situation, fictional life stories are constructed together, historically embedded, corrected and spontaneously linked, interrupted by physical exercises.

For a try-out in Dresden we are looking for participants who have the time and desire to test and discuss the format with us. An own GDR biography is not necessary for this. An interest in (post-)socialist history, physical improvisation, biographical narration, as well as the above questions is what counts.

RESONANZ is about exploring the (post)-socialist space of experience without necessarily focusing on one’s own biography. Instead, Heisig and Zett focus on the physical practices of asking, answering, listening and recording. Their aim is to bring performers as well as laypersons from different milieus and generations into contact with each other and to give the ideologically overburdened East German discourse a space in which historical reappraisal can unfold in a playful dynamic.

The number of participants is limited to 15 persons.

Are you interested in taking an active part in this game? Please send us an email: