It’s ringing, humming and booming.

When two women have more than two voices, you want to take them out of the picture.

In the case of Olicía it is exactly the same. Loopstations, synthesizer percussion and nodding are the order of the day here, between bass lines and instrumented voice up to beautiful eyes and velvet outfit ears and floor melt together.

It clashes, hums and dances.

“Neo Loop Jazz” from Berlin and Dresden
The two young women enter a field of tension between human voice, acoustic instruments, free improvisation and the use of modern electronic possibilities. Gold-coloured crackling contrasts break up velvety blue structures. A sound world between basslines, polyrhythmic dancefloor and electronic elements, partly alienated voices, up to sound landscapes of meditative power.

Their debut EP “Olicía” was released in July 2018.