HELLERAU Netiquette

Dear users, Nice to have you here! We have made a joint commitment to anti-discrimination of the Alliance of International Production Houses to act against any form of discrimination. We would like to ask you to use the following code of conduct as a guideline when participating in an online event in order to enable a respectful and safe exchange for all participants.


Once you turn on your video and/or audio in an online event, you are no longer a passive viewer. The event is broadcast live on the Internet. It is therefore unavoidable that third parties may take photographs and video recordings. To participate in online events, you may need to download the Zoom software, whose privacy policy and thus the transfer of your data to the USA must be agreed to. We use Zoom because, to our knowledge, it is currently the platform with the lowest barriers to entry for a diverse group. You can find information about Zoom’s privacy practices here.

Respectful behavior

Behave online the way you would want to be treated in real life. You are interacting with people on the Internet. In particular, the following are not permitted:

  • Personal attacks, insults, defamation, obscenity, comments that are harmful to your reputation or business
  • discrimination and defamation of others because of their origin, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, income or the like
  • illegal, extremist or inciting to commit a crime content
  • pornographic, vulgar, abusive or hateful comments
  • the publication of personal, contact or non-public data, whether from yourself or a third party
  • commercial or advertising statements
  • spam

We do not tolerate discrimination and defamation of others.

We do not tolerate personal attacks, insults, obscenities and harassment, or illegal content.

Respect the rights of your fellow participants. Respect the identity of your fellow visitors. Feel free to mention/indicate your preferred pronoun (they/them/xier, etc.).

Our audience speaks multiple languages and has different abilities and neurodiversities.

Respect the origins of your fellow visitor:s and their idioms.

We invite you to briefly describe their appearance before speaking in a video meeting. This will help you accommodate people who may not be able to see you for various reasons.

Do not post personal information about yourself or others.

Please make sure you only post comments that are relevant to the topic.

Do not make commercial or promotional comments and avoid spam.

Our moderators try to make exciting discussions and other exchanges possible for everyone. Please respect this role! Violations of our guidelines may result in removal from the online event. Individual cases not listed here may also result in removal from the event at the moderator:s discretion. The moderators will refer any questionable interaction directly to the HELLERAU team to ensure the safety of all users in the virtual space. The final decision on how to handle infractions rests with the HELLERAU team. Feel free to contact us at digital@hellerau.org with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you very much! Your HELLERAU Team