Mozilla Hubs

GreenRoom invites its audience to explore networking and digital social life as an alternative to other more formal platforms. Using the open source Mozilla Hubs, we can hang out with other colleagues as a chance encounter and share mental digressions in small rounds.

By teaming up with festivals and performing art events we try to maintain conversations flowing and encourage practitioners to remain connected.

GreenRoom is not meant to replace the in-person experience but acts as a bridging aid, a helpful prosthetics to bring us together in a different way.

Rooms are limited to 25 persons, so first come first served! But if you were unable to enter, you can always attend from the outside.

GreenRoom is the joint initiative by Stéphane Noël (Hong Kong), Wolfram Sander (Dresden), Horacio Pérez (Santiago de Chile) and Laia Montoya (Barcelona/Berlin) who were brought together by Cifas during Producers’ Academy in 2020.

Some technical notes

  • Mozilla Hubs works best on Firefox and well on Chrome browsers. The desktop version of Safari is not suitable for this. For navigating in the room, a potent computer with keyboard & mouse/trackpad works better than a tablet or smartphone. A stable internet connection is a basic requirement. Also strongly recommended: headset/headphones.
  • An avatar is used to enter the room. A selection of standard avatars will be displayed when you enter the lobby. However, you can also create your own personal avatar, e.g. with this: (editing takes a short moment). Clear names are helpful so that the other participants know who you are.
  • We strongly recommend that you enter the platform first and explore it for yourself. This is the link to the lobby: There you will also find our tutorial.
  • You see the room in first-person perspective and can move around the room using the arrow keys or the A, W, S and D keys on the keyboard and turn your head around with the Q and E keys or by clicking and dragging your mouse.


Have fun testing and trying it out! We look forward to seeing you.