Lasse Reinstroem

“Do you know the name of the Swedish Sex Minister?”

Lasse Reinstrøem – the name says it all; the Dresdeners invite their listeners to the clubs and then cast a spell over them. Musically, the band stands for psychedelic stoner herb rock. Their strength lies in the complexity of their music, which is also after repeated listening again and again new discoveries. Lasse Reinstrøem has brought this musical depth to all four previous Ox-Fanzine releases. Recently 9 out of 10 stars were awarded to Maza Wakan. “Very cool and also after the 21st run still an exciting album on which there is always something to discover. Well delivered!

In January 2018 Bandcamp USA voted them one of the 10 most exciting German hard rock bands. “Lasse Reinstroem […] influences range from the southern fried classic rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd to the shrieking art-punk of Nina Hagen to Motorhead’s busted muffler rock ‘n’ roll. Add in a hefty dose of sludgy alt-rock, and you have yourself a recipe for a good time-and some pretty potent rocket fuel.”