Foto: Ian Whalen

Beyond dissonance – I am lost to the world … – ConTrust Collective

Communication often leads to unintentional misunderstandings through social etiquette and inability or fear to express the state of mind. However, misunderstandings are only a reflection of our uniqueness. What do we do about misunderstandings and how do we solve them? The synthesis of physicality and sound as a source of transmission of the emotional state examines the distinction in interpretation and its consequences.

Beyond right and wrong there is a place. There we meet. — Rumi

ConTrust Collective | Dresden, under the direction of Malwina Stepien, aims to explore the human condition translated into body language. The collective came into being in 2015 with its first creation TRUST, a duo that premiered at the festival in Cologne. The duo was developed into a full-time performance and premiered in 2017 in Cagliari, Italy. Since then the collective has performed at numerous festivals in Italy and Germany. In 2019 the following production Intermission was created in cooperation with Tanzbühne Dresden e.V. and premiered at Projekttheater Dresden. The collective was awarded the Prize for Best Emerging Artist Duo at the 7th International SoloDuo NRW + Friends Festival in Cologne, Special Mention at the 17th International SoloDuo Festival in Budapest, Hungary and the Prize for Best Choreographic Dramaturgy at the 9th CORTOINDANZA Festival in Cagliari, Italy.