Gertrude will nicht tanzen | KREPSKO (FI) und Freie Theaterszene Chemnitz

“Gertrude won’t dance” is a concert without musical instruments. A performance of curious sounds and disharmonies between people, an inevitable palette of unisons, conflicts and reunions.

The individuals influence each other during the short period of living together and separate afterwards – each has changed. A certain kind of transformation takes place before the eyes of the viewer – magic in everyday moments when two people who do not know each other come together.

“Gertrude does not want to dance” is a dance that is not really a dance. It is a choreography of indescribable emotions, complicated steps of communication and music of the mind.

“Gertrude does not want to dance” is a play that brings together performers* and theatre makers* from different corners of Chemnitz, as well as from Finland, Catalonia and the USA, to create a performance of a completely new format, almost algorithmically complex and very simple at the same time.